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Located on the island of Bermuda, St George was founded in 1612 and was the first English settlement on Bermuda.  St George actually is the third oldest settlement in North and South America behind St John, Newfoundland and Jamestown, Virginia.  St George was the capital of Bermuda, but was moved to Hamilton in 1815.

St George is significantly smaller than Hamilton, but some small cruise ships can make port.  The town also boasts some older buildings including the old State House built in 1620.

Things to do in St George, Bermuda

Tobacco Bay

Tobacco Bay is an area of outstanding natural beauty as well as an important historical site, known for its involvement in the Gunpowder Plot of 1775 within the UNESCO town of St. George. 

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St Peter’s Church

Established when Bermuda was settled by the Virginia Company in 1612, for over 400 years this has been the church of the Town of St George. It is a cultural and historic icon, a holy place at the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fort St. Catherine

Situated at the northern tip of St George Parish, Fort St. Catherine overlooks the beach where Sir George Somers and his shipwrecked crew scrambled ashore in 1609.

Place to stay in St George, Bermuda

St George’s Club

Located, in the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. George, on Rose Hill overlooking its historic harbour, The St. George’s Club is a Bermudian owned and operated cottage colony hotel with a total of seventy-one (71) one and two bedroom units that give you all the benefits of a self-catering villa for your visit on the island with no need to eat out, unless you want to! The cottage is ready for your arrival and our staff is here to make sure you experience Bermudian hospitality at its best

Places to eat in St George, Bermuda

Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio

Our menu features a variety of delious options. Come and try our Wahoo specials especially the award winning Bermuda Fish Chowder, certified Angus Beef, daily blackboard specials, home made desserts; including our imported Italian Bindi Gelato. Our Wiener Schnitzel is prepared with love by our own Austrian chef Alfred Konard.

White Horse Pub & Restaurant

The White Horse Pub & Restaurant serves a selection of fresh local Wahoo, Rockfish and Yellowfin Tuna. We also serve when available imported Swordfish, Halibut, Salmon, Sea Bass, Grouper and Red Snapper, just to name a few. We use cod for our famous Fish ‘n’ Chips, a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

St George, Bermuda
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