Atlantic Ocean Facts

Atlantic Ocean Map

The Atlantic Ocean is approximately 31,830,000 square miles not including its dependent seas according to It has an average depth just over 2 miles deep with the Puerto Rico Trench (5.2 miles deep) being the deepest spot in the Atlantic

The Atlantic Ocean is also home to the second largest barrier reef, the Cancun Reef off the coast of Mexico. This reef hosts 500 different species of fish, about 400 different species of mollusks and more than 60 species of stony corals.

Some other fun facts about the Atlantic Ocean:

Cancun Reef Atlantic Ocean
The Cancun Reef is the second largest reef in the world.
  • Greenland is the largest Island in the world, is located in the Atlantic
  • The Atlantic Ridge is an underwater mountain range located in the Atlantic Ocean and is twice as wide as the Andes mountains.
  • The Titanic, the most famous shipwreck of all time occurred in the Atlantic.
  • The Atlantic Ocean covers roughly 25 percent of the entire planet!
  • The Ocean has nearly 70,000 square miles of coastline
  • The Atlantic is named for the Greek titan Atlas who had to stand on the edge of the earth and carry the heavens (celestial spheres) on his shoulders as punishment from Zeus as Atlas had fought against the Olympian gods for the control of the heavens. (Source)