The Atlantic Ocean is the world’s second largest ocean.  It covers 22% of the world’s surface.  The Atlantic Ocean’s waters separate the continents of Europe and Africa on the east from North and South America on the west. It’s average depth is over 11,000 feet and it’s greatest depth of 27,400 feet is found in the Puerto Rico Trench.

Origin of  The ‘Atlantic Ocean’

The word “Atlantic” is a Middle English term. It stems from the Greek Atlantikos. Initially the Greeks referred to the Atlas mountains near the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Libya. Over time the word evolved to mean the whole ocean.

Fun Facts About The Atlantic Ocean

The width of the Atlantic varies between 1770 miles (Brazil to West Africa) to over 4000 miles in the South Atlantic.
Newfoundland, Iceland, Great Britain, Ireland and Greenland are all Atlantic Islands.
The Baltic, Black, Caribbean, North, Celtic, Irish, Norwegian, as well as the Gulf of Mexico are all sea’s of the Atlantic Ocean.