Our 2014 Atlantic Journey

The Atlantic Ocean is  a place where people go to vacation, swim, snorkle, cruise, boat, snap photos and explore. It is an ocean with stories to tell, mysteries to solve, cultures to find and sights to see. Covering over 20% of the earth’s surface, the Atlantic is a true geographical wonder.

Join us in 2014 as AtlanticOcean.com sets out on a journey of to discover the wonders of the Atlantic through the periscope of the web.



Some Atlantic facts

What is the origin of the word “Atlantic” The word “Atlantic” is a Middle English term. It stems from the Greek Atlantikos, meaning from Atlas, Atlant. Initially Atlant  referred to the Atlas mountains near the ocean off the west coast of Libya. Over time the word evolved to mean the whole ocean. What are the… more…

The Jersey Shore Click on a picture to see more...

  • Lavallette New Jersey

  • Long Branch, NJ

  • Point Pleasant NJ

  • Spring Lake NJ

The Jersey Shore